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Sydney Pollack Blogathon- The Way We Were

July 19, 2013

And finally coming to an end, The Sydney Pollack Blogathon,  which had started on July 1, see it’s last and final piece by Kelle Pratt,  where she covers  the Robert Redford- Barbara Streisand  romantic drama The Way We Were.  Kelle looks at this romantic drama in her own style, of how the attraction of opposites, he a conservative WASP Army officer, and she a Jewish left liberal, and their clash of ideologies. In her own words

When you watch THE WAY WE WERE (1973), there are many questions that pop into your head that delves into the universal experiences so many of us have dealt with in our own lives… Why do such polar opposites become drawn to each other? Why would such troubled lovers struggle to be together, even after copious evidence to part? Why would anyone sacrifice so much to remain in a doomed relationship? Why do people think they should change for someone else and why do they often think the other will change at all? Is loving someone ever worth abandoning your principles or identity? And certainly, how can they not see this from the very beginning? If the answers were simple or obvious, folks from all walks of life, in all generations, would not repeatedly deal with these challenges time and time again. This story is a very real story because it explores all these universal woes of the human experience and love.

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