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Brian De Palma Blogathon- Dressed to Kill

September 15, 2016

( Apologies for the break in the Brian De Palma blogathon, as I had to travel. Now again publishing this review on Dressed to Kill  by Gill Jacob at Real Weegie Midget.

In her own words, Gill is an expat Scottish Gal, living in Finland, and blogs on Movie, TV and books. She reviews De Palma’s polarizing movie Dressed To Kill, a movie that has people either loving it or hating it)

Reading through De Palma’s filmography, I’d only seen as few of his films namely the horror Carrie (1976) – the original film – the first Mission Impossible film (1996) and Snake Eyes (1998), with Nicholas Cage. So wanting to see more of De Palma’s work, and a huge Michael Caine fan, I leapt on the chance of watching another of his 1980s movies – my favourite Michael Caine film time period – Dress to Kill (1980) for this Blogathon. So for the first time, I watched this thriller, which on its release was controversial due to the transsexual and mental health story line. Feminists claimed it was misogynistic indirectly promoting the film. It was both written and directed by De Palma. IMdb reports this the story line was based on De Palma’s early “film career” when he was asked to follow his father with recording equipment as his mother suspected he was cheating on her. De Palma appears to have used this experience and adding a female lead, played by his then wife.

To read the full review, click here

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