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Jonathan Demme Blogathon

May 1, 2017

Noted director Jonathan Demme passed away on April 26,2017.  A director with a really good track record, notably Silence of the Lambs and Philadelphia. Two of his finest, and most well known. But while he is often recognized for these two movies, he had made some equally good comedies, exploitation movies. Comedies like Something Wild, Married to the Mob, and family dramas like Rachel Gets Married to exploitation flicks like Caged Heat, Crazy Mama, a very diverse range. In tribute to a great director, would be hosting a blogathon at my site here from May 8-15.  For those interested, you can take part by posting any article on Demme’s movies, even the lesser known ones. It can be reviews, analyses, articles. So please respond in the comments section. And do promote by sharing one of the pictures given below .


  1. Am I still able to review his director role in Columbo Season 7 Episode 2 Murder Under Glass? Gill at Realweegiemidget Reviews

  2. Yes please, you have time till May 8th. And No one has even attempted that.

  3. Cool thanks x Have forwarded your blogathon to some blogging friends on WordPress xx

  4. Hi, sorry but can’t submit this post, – but have sent it onto a few blogging friends x Good luck x

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