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Sidney Pollack Blogathon: Castle Keep (1969)

July 10, 2013


Jack Deth at  FlixChatter,  takes a look at  one of Sydney Pollack’s more underrated movies  Castle Keep here.   Castle Keep is a World War II drama, starring Burt Lancaster, involving a group of American soldiers, who find themselves having to keep guard over an ancient castle in France. An engrossing World War II drama, that really did not get the credit it deserved.  In Jack’s own words.

Mr. Pollack’s deft touch at allowing plenty of time and exposition to let the castle and village work its fairy tale magic on his cast through off beat and kind of quirky dialogue that would later become one of his trademarks. There hasn’t been a G.I. born who hasn’t thought of the possibility of “sitting out’ a war”. And the enclosed world of Maladorais offers those opportunities and distractions in abundance. Whether it is sex, a simple task like baking, which can easily become a life’s work. Or tinkering with the wonders of a first production VW. Each character is slowly seduced while Major Falconer watches from a safe distance with his diversions. Until it’s time to put childish things aside and get serious when the need arises.

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