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Howard Hawks Blogathon- Day 2

May 16, 2013

Of all the gin joints in the world, if you  have a choice to walk into one, let it beAurora’s Gin Joint.    A die hard movie lover, who goes by the pseudonym of  @citizenscreen on Twitter, Aurora, shares a love for classic cinema, Golden Age Hollywood. And in her own inimitable style here,  she  puts out a brilliant tribute to Howard Hawks. A picture is worth a million words, here Aurora manages to make sure both the words and the pictures are worth a billion, as she lovingly constructs the persona of Hawks, through quotes from him and images from his movies  in his own words.  



“I attribute the astounding breadth of his work to the fact that Howard Hawks was not contracted with any one studio.  He was never pigeonholed.  Although there are similar themes evident in many of his films, such as friendship between men, strong women and the fact his films are “fast,” whether it be by virtue of lightning-speed dialogue or quick-moving stories, he made films in genres ranging from broad comedies to action/adventure to Westerns.  And he excelled in all.”.

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  1. WOW! If I didn’t know me I’d be majorly impressed! A lovely introduction. THANK YOU!


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