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Mike Nichols Blogathon- Wolf

December 10, 2014

Jack Nicholson in Wolf


We start the Mike Nichols Blogathon, with a post on his horror classic Wolf,  written by Peter Roberts. As Peter puts it Wolf was a radical departure for a director, usually known for his human dramas like Graduate or comedies like Working Girl. It was dark, creepy and scary, also ended up polarizing audiences and critics alike. Peter is Editor in Chief of Deuce:Grindhouse Cinema,  and a rabid movie geek, who loves every kind of movie.  In his own words on Wolf here.

For me WOLF is an exceptional entry in the subgenre that doesn’t fall into the usual trappings that many of these kinds of movies do. It is certainly a werewolf film, but it’s played out with a combination of realism, sly humor and romance. I think what Mike Nichols did was create a solid character driven story first then add the werewolf elements to that which really worked for me. Using the backdrop of the book publishing business and the inner battles for seniority between Will and Stewart was very refreshing. I really enjoyed all the power play aspects mixed in with the supernatural elements. Of course any movie with Jack Nicholson in the lead is always worth watching and in this movie he delivered another entertaining performance infusing his trademark sense of humor and wit into the proceedings giving it a more grounded feel.

One Comment
  1. Mike Nichols’ commercial hits may not have been his greatest. Virginia Woolf, a difficult film, in my view at least, should have opened this blogathon. Somehow Wolf always seemed to me a foul-tasting concoction of old & tired ideas of metamorphosis, The Fly and so on. And the way Spader & Nicholson evolve into wolves etc might have some metaphorical value but not surreal/ subtle enough. It is like in your face kind of thing. Overall, I do not feel it was his most intelligent film, nor the best work of any of the lead actors.

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