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Steven Soderbergh Blogathon-Ocean’s 13

January 28, 2014


After covering  first two parts of  Soderbergh’s  Ocean’s trilogy here and here,  J.D.Lafrance, looks at the concluding part of the trilogy,  in his piece on Ocean’s 13.  Soderbergh retains the same cast of the earlier Ocean’s series, and this time as a bonus, he has Al Pacino playing the bad guy.  I mean Clooney, Pitt, Damon and Pacino in the same frame, does not get better than this. Playing the bad guy is a walk in the park for Pacino, who relishes it, having a whole lot of fun. Like most Soderbergh’s movies, again this is visually brilliant, some great cinematography, a cool music score and some good fun. In J.D’s own words.

Like Ocean’s Eleven, Ocean’s Thirteen pays tribute to the classic era of Vegas as Danny and co. restore Reuben’s honor. He’s an old school player who still believes in following a code and prides himself in being part of a select group of insiders that got to shake Frank Sinatra’s hand back in the day. Like Benedict, Bank represents the current corporate mentality of making money over the personal touch that the Mob-run casinos used to provide. If the first two films were about Danny and Rusty’s respective relationships with the loves of their lives, then Ocean’s Thirteen is about their friendship with Reuben. He mentored them when they were just starting out and taught them about respecting history as well as those who came before them. Like with the previous films, going after the bad guy is a matter of personal honor and hitting them where it hurts – in Bank’s case it’s his monster ego. Ocean’s Thirteen ends much like Ocean’s Eleven did thus bringing the trilogy full circle and with a truly satisfying conclusion as the bad guy gets what’s coming to him and Reuben’s honor is restored. Likewise, the film did very well at the box office and garnered fairly positive reviews going out on a well-deserved high note. It serves as an example of a star-studded big budget Hollywood film that entertains without insulting your intelligence.

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