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Steven Soderbergh Blogathon-Day 7

January 21, 2014


After Out of  Sight, Haywire seems to be the most discussed Soderbergh movie.  Liked by critics, but given a thumbs down by audiences, the movie like most other Soderbergh movies, has become a cult favorite of late. It has one of the hottest action stars in the form of   Gina Carano, who is the woman on the run here, in a tale filled with intrigue, double crossing, deception. Add to it an ensemble cast that has Michael Fassbender, Michael Douglas, Antonio Banderas, Bill Paxton and Ewan McGregor, actors who on their day can just chew up the scenery. After his review on Out of Sight, William Johnson looks at Haywire, as part of the Soderbergh blogathon. There was a much detailed, post on Haywire, earlier by Niles Schwartz too as part of the blogathon. In his own words.

Soderbergh’s throwback approach to the film (a mixture of older Cold War espionage thrillers brought back to popularity with the Bourne films and something knocking on the door of a 007 film) requires little actual to be said. His objective is to show what happens when people who can kill each other turn against each other. Unlike the more grandiose action films we see, this film tries to make it blue-collar, quick, fierce and sort of uncomfortable. I mean, in the end, when is it fun to actually see people die outside of a popcorn flick that doesn’t take death seriously?

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