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Steven Soderbergh Blogathon- Day 4

January 17, 2014


I had kick started the Soderbergh blogathon with my post on Out of Sight here,  and now William Johnson of Paxton Configuration,  explores the movie in another angle.  Considering that Out of Sight must be Soderbergh’s most discussed movie ever, here Will takes a look at this movie, and how it affected the careers of  George Clooney, Soderbergh and Jennifer Lopez.  It shot Clooney to stardom, and Soderbergh, till then was struggling, after a series of flops, that followed his debut indie, venture, Sex,Lies and Videotape. Out of Sight, one of his most mainstream ventures, put him back on track, and there was no looking back then. In William’s words.

Out of Sight, being a down and dirty crime thriller/comedy, allowed the subterfuge to be dropped. Clooney didn’t have to be in a costume, flexing his muscles against Russian terrorists or pretending he has badass tattoos and even more of a badass attitude … he could be a shade of himself. Out of Sight also didn’t require him to be three dimensional. His natural, old fashion good looks, intriguing mannerisms (head nods, facial tics, swagger), and born-with-it dry comedy all came out for the first time in Out of Sight … and a new star was born. Not a former TV actor. Not a movie star. Just an actor? It might of taken a bit longer but Clooney, thanks to Out of Sight, bridged the gap.

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  1. Still my favorite Soderbergh film. Fine write-up by William.

  2. Excellent work William.

  3. Nice! Agreed, this is also my fave Soderbergh.

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