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Oliver Stone blogathon-Natural Born Killers

October 1, 2013


Ed Copeland contribution to the Blogathon, is on one of Stone’s more controversial movies, Natural Born Killers.  Originally scripted by Tarantino,  it was changed drastically by Stone and fellow writers David Veloz and Richard Rutowski.  Copeland shows his issue here with the high praise bestowed on Natural Born Killers, saying that it was simply a patch work of earlier movies, and as subtle as an 8.0 earthquake. In his own words

Stone also experiments more with film styles, alternating as he did in JFK between color, black and white, 16 millimeter, Super 8, video and even adds animation akin to graphic novels. Unlike JFK, these switches serve no purpose other than to distract the audience. He also trots out other weird devices such as treating scenes with Mallory’s monster of a father (Rodney Dangerfield) as if they exist in a TV sitcom, complete with laugh track and bleeped profanity — except for some reason some cuss words get bleeped and others don’t. Of course, he can’t resist tossing in some mystical Native Americans, just for good measure. It’s hard to fault the performers (except for Tommy Lee Jones’ inexplicable decision to play a prison warden as if he’s imitating Reginald Van Gleason) since saving this mess would have been impossible for the greatest of actors, but at least Downey’s wry performance injects some much-needed levity into this often tedious film. Downey appears to be the only actor aware that he’s — in theory — signed on to the satire Stone believes he’s making, but it’s never a good idea to place a satire in the hands of someone without a sense of humor.


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