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Oliver Stone Blogathon-World Trade Center

September 25, 2013


Apologies to all for the break in the blogathon, had some issues at hand to resolve. Once again we re start this with another post by Ed Copeland on Stone’s take on 9/11  World Trade Center.    Stone’s movie looks at 9/11 from a perspective of the fire fighters who were the true heroes of that event. And as many put it, a movie that is the least Stone like. In Ed’s own words.

“I finally caught up with Oliver Stone’s World Trade Center and, as indicated by many reviews, it certainly qualifies as the least Oliver Stone-like film Stone has made (though Oliver can’t resist tossing in a couple of ghostly images of Jesus in a light but hey, at least it wasn’t a mystical Indian). World Trade Center does end up being Stone’s best work in quite some time.Like most Stone movies, it contains fat that could be lost easily and in the battle of 9/11 movies, I still prefer United 93, even though Stone’s film contains good performances. Cage gives his best straight performance in ages. Yes, I loved him in Adaptation, but I can’t remember the last time he played a dramatic role in a movie that wasn’t a time-waster.”

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