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Oliver Stone Blogathon- Salvador

September 16, 2013


Letícia Magalhães is a Brazilian writer born in 1993, with a big love for the past. When she is not watching classic films, she writes about culture in general, reads and learns other languages. She writes primarily in her blog in her blog Critica Retro, about films from the past, and was invited to write in four other websites. Has self-published two books and tries hard to become an accomplished writer.  As part of the Blogathon, she explores Stone’s  1986 political thriller Salvador.  Leticia who herself is from Latin America, examines the way Stone depicts the typical American attitudes to the region, through the eyes of the journalist Richard Boyle( James Woods) and his friend DJ( James Belushi), as they are caught up in the civil war in El Salvador. In her own words

Besides showing the U.S. presence, the film also analyzes the impact of the war for the characters. There is a pertinent reflection on how both sides are wrong to use extreme violence, showing that we should not feel sorry when barbarism has no side. Sometimes the film takes on shades of documentary, especially at the end when adopts a narrative similar to productions about real people. Indeed, the experiences of journalist Rick Boyle served as inspiration for the film, and he was responsible for the script. However, did not get along with James Woods, who plays him in the movie. 

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