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Roman Polanski Blogathon-The End

September 4, 2013

So finally, the Roman Polanski blogathon ends. And I had the privilege of posting some great pieces by Jean, Jack Deth, Michael.  And it always has been a pleasure working with these people.

So here are the pieces published as part of the Polanski blogathon.


  1. The Pianist by yours truly.
  2. A Pure Formality by Murtuza Ali and Bitter Moon by Jack Deth.
  3. The Ghost Writer by Niles Schwartz and Rosemary’s Baby by Michael Alatorre – Both of them outstanding.
  4. Two fabulous posts by Jean Melkovsky on The Tenant and Repulsion.
  5. And a brilliant post again by Jean Melkovsky on  one of Polanski’s more underrated movies  Cul-De-Sac.

Thank you one and all for your great contributions.  I must say all the posts were of extremely high quality and standard, and it was a pleasure to be associated with such wonderful people like you always.


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