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Roman Polanski Blogathon-Cul De Sac

August 28, 2013


In line with Jean Melkovsky’s earlier pieces on Repulsion and The Tenant,  the blogathon today shares another great post on Polanski’s  dark pyschological thriller, Cul De Sac., one of his more underrated movies IMO.  Yes, while discussing Polanski’s ouevre, Pianist, Chinatown, Rosemary’s Baby would be the obvious choices, and deeper down Bitter Moon, Frantic, Oliver Twist and Repulsion.  But Cul De Sac is not a movie that most would come up. This to me is an underrated gem, even better than some of his more highly rated flicks. Tightly constructed, brilliantly written, and some solid performances by the cast make this a superb thriller, that needs to be watched. You can feel the sense of despair, doom among the characters, as they literally hurtle into a blind alley. In Jean’s own words.

Aesthetically, I would define Cul-de-Sac as pure delight. I know there’s no such genre, but whatever else critics have been trying to label it just doesn’t stick. Rarely have I experienced such absolute rapture over the study of the darkest recesses of human soul, global pessimism, a story of humiliation, victimization, misanthropy, misogyny, neurosis, and death.
And I agree with him  on this fully, the stark B&W photography, the spartan surroundings, just add up to the sense of gloom and doom, in one of Polanski’s best ever movies.

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