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Roman Polanski Blogathon-Day 2

August 19, 2013

On  Day 2 of the Roman Polanski Blogathon, we have two interesting posts lined up. One is a movie in which Polanski has acted, and another is one of his more erotic movies Bitter  Moon.


A Potpourri of Vestiges     has been one of the best movie blogs in recent times, posting reviews on some wonderful, auteur driven works of cinema, with it’s focus on movies that may not be too well known but are brilliant in their own way.  Murtaza Ali has often reviewed some wonderful, underrated gems on his blog, and here he takes a look at Polanski, the actor in this post  on A Pure Formality.  Apart from his directorial skills, Polanski has also been an actor of repute, and here Murtaza reviews this crime thriller starring Polanski along with Gerard Depardieu.  In his words.

A Pure Formality is a 1994 psychological thriller written and directed by celebrated Italian filmmaker Giuseppe Tornatore. A Pure Formality stars legendary Polish filmmaker Roman Polanski and renowned French actor Gérard Depardieu in the lead roles. Polanski, in a rare screen appearance, portrays the part of a tenacious police inspector (unnamed) heading over a derelict police station in the French countryside. Depardieu, on the other hand, plays the part of Onoff—a recluse literary genius stuck in a creative lull. 
Flix Chatter  hosted by  Ruth Maramis, has been one of my favorite movie blogs again, posting some excellent reviews.  And here one of their writers  Jack Deth, takes a look at  Polanski’s  Bitter Moon, one of his most erotic, as well as one of his most disturbing movies too.  Through the mind of  it’s  lead character Oscar, played with panache by Peter Coyote, the movie explores the depths of depravity and downfall, with an ending that leaves you shell shocked.  In his own words.

Experiencing Roman Polanski delving into sensitive areas usually left untouched. Offset and highlighted by the romance of a lush and scenic cruise. While setting inescapable boundaries within the confines of a ship at sea. Placed in the competent, deft and more than charming when need be hands of Peter Coyote. Who has rarely been better. Watching him work his way under Nigel’s skin in a collage of arrogance, knowing and a tinge of pity near mesmerizes. While Emmanuelle Seigner looks seductively, temptingly gorgeous without saying a word. A heady brew, indeed. In an adult themed film that may not be for everyone.

  1. I love Bitter Moon (a very underrated film), and watched Una Pura Formalita a few times, Polanski did great there. Will read the full reviews now, anticipate a lot of pleasure. Thank you!

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