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Howard Hawks Blogathon- The End

May 30, 2013

After an exhilarating two weeks, that  began  on May 15, the Howard  Hawks  blogathon finally comes to an end with Edward Copeland, paying a fine tribute to the master , with a review of his classic Rio Bravo here. Edward Copeland     has been the most prolific contributor to this blogathon, with some excellent pieces  on  His Girl Friday,  and Red River. 

Here he rounds up  the blogathon with a wonderful piece again on Rio Bravo.      In his own words.

I’m not reporting earth-shattering news when I inform readers that Howard Hawks belongs to that select group of directors who excelled in every genre he attempted. One thing that sets Rio Bravo apart from Hawks’ other works is that, while it resides in the Western genre, it snatches from many others — romantic comedies, war tales, detective stories, social dramas, even musicals. As film critic Richard Schickel says on a commentary track for Rio Bravo, Hawks liked saying that he loved to steal from himself. He’d do it again by practically remaking Rio Bravo as El Dorado eight years later, once again starring Wayne but with Robert Mitchum in the Dean Martin role.

I would like to end this blogathon, thanking all those who contributed in no particular order, in making this a success.

Michael Alattore-     13 Best Movies of Hawks

Furious Cinema–   A Furious tribute to the master.

Aurora, Citizen Screen–  A pictorial tribute to the master.

Rich Watson, Wide Screen World–  Sergeant York.

Edward CopelandHis Girl Friday.

Edward CopelandRed River. 

Jason TaylorTo have and Have Not.

Jack DethFemale Characters in Hawks Movies.

Letícia MagalhãesHawks and the Comedy Genre.

Constance MetzingerMan’s Favorite Sport.

Aurora, Citizen Screen–  Rio Bravo.

Paula GuthatThe Big Sleep

Kelle Pratt  His Girl Friday

Once again thanks a tonne to all for making this blogathon a success.

  1. Thanks for hosting the blogathon! I thoroughly enjoyed reading everyone’s posts.

  2. Thak you, Ratnakar, for running this wonderful blogathon! It was a lot of fun to write my entry and read the other posts!

  3. This was a really fun blogathon, I learned a lot about Hawks and added a bunch of movies to my to-watch list. Also, I’ve nominated you for a Super-Sweet Blogger Award: 🙂

    • Hey thanks a tonne Paula, never imagined, I would be nominated for any kind of Blogger Award, coz I never really looked that in mind.

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