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Howard Hawks Blogathon-Man’s Favorite Sport

May 26, 2013

Constance Metzinger along with her sister Diana, started “Silver Scenes” only a couple of weeks ago as a blog for classic film enthusiasts. They’re die-hard film lovers and watch about 250+ films a year. ( Although, that isn’t much for film buffs, is it? ) In their spare time they work. They  run a store called Silverbanks Pictures on eBay where they  sell original movie stills, press photos and 8×10 glossy movie star photos.


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Constance here reviews Howard Hawks classic Man’s Favorite Sport, which is about fishing. Rock Hudson is the bestselling author of several books on fishing, and also a sports goods salesman. When a PR agent, Abigail, played by Paula Prentiss, draws up a publicity campaign of hosting a fishing tournament, where competitors can face off against pro fisherman, Rock Hudson. The problem is Hudson while a successful author on fishing, has never actually fished in his life, in fact he hates their very smell. Well  to know what happens in this zany Howard Hawks comedy, check out the post by Constance  here.

In her own words.


If there is any underlying theme in “Man’s Favorite Sport?” it is fakery. The sets are as artificial as the sporting goods department display at Abercrombie & Fitch. They are, like Roger himself, merely for display purposes. Roger is a sham, he is not the he-man he pretends to be. He cannot fish, he cannot build a fire, and he even cries for Abigail’s help when he is floundering in the water. Chief Screaming Eagle is a sham. Even the title credits are a sham. We listen to a chorus of women singing ” Just let a girl appear, he’ll pursue her; And run his fingers through her curls; And that’s the way it’s been since the world began…the favorite sport of men is girls ” stressing the point that man’s favorite sport is pursuing women when all through the film it is the woman who is doing the pursuing. Roger is caught in Abigail’s net and is as helpless as a fish trying to escape. 



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  1. Like many I am a huge fan of the Rock Hudson, Doris Day and Tony Randall trio romantic / comedy movies: Lover Come Back, Pillow Talk and Send Me No Flowers. Man’s Favorite Sport although missing Tony Randall and Doris Day in my opinion easily stands beside them as a Hudson comedy classic. Paula Prentiss wasn’t in a huge amount of movies however in this one, she was perfect. I for one love this movie! A+

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