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Howard Hawks Blogathon-Day 5

May 22, 2013

After a small break in the blogathon, due to certain reasons, back again with another excellent post this time.  The post comes from Jack Deth,      who is a regular contributor at  Flixchatter, a movie website, run by Ruth Maramis, a web designer, movie lover and blogger from Indonesia.  Jack who is a die hard movie lover, rates Sir Alec Guiness, Robert Duvall and Robert Mitchum among his favorite actors, and loves Audrey Hepburn. In  this post he takes a look at the female characters in Howard Hawks movies, and how they had their own strong individuality and presence. In his own words.

The director in question is Howard Hawks. To whom action and comedy were second nature. And often front and center. Tools to used to misdirect, while weaving a slow smoldering romance in the bargain. With the women in question being just as strong, witty and clever as their leading men.

Katherine Hepburn in Bringing Up Baby, Jean Arthur in Only Angels Have Wings, Rosalind Russel in His Girl Friday, some of the beautiful women captured with love by Jack here.

  1. Wonderful!!! Thanks for including Jack’s blogathon, Ratnakar.

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