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Tony Scott(1944-2012) – A Blogathon Tribute

August 22, 2012

Tony Scott was not an auteur, nor was he a director with an artistic touch. Unlike his brother Ridley, whose Blade Runner has been dissected  and analyzed, and whose Alien was as a landmark in sci fi horror, one would not  really ponder over every frame of Top Gun or even his best picture to date True Romance. Make no mistake, Tony Scott was as popcorn  as it gets, his movies were hard core entertainers all the way.  Still it takes some amount of skill to churn out an entertainer by itself, and Tony Scott was extremely good at it. His movies were cliched, predictable, but he could still make you  sit through it all and  enjoy it.  Take his last  movie  Unstoppable, it was a disaster flick as cliched and predictable as can be.  You had all the cliches in place- a weary, cynical,worldly wise character in Denzel Washington, a new on the job her who has to join hands with his superior who seems to hate him, a bunch of  nervously excited control staff, the hi fives, and people exulting at the end of it all.  You pretty well knew that Denzel Washington would somehow manage to stop the runaway train, get back his job, be a hero, but throughout the movie, you find yourself asking “Will he, won’t he?”.  I guess  that  is how Tony Scott’s  style has been always,  while  most of the plotting  for  his movies is pretty much cliched, where  he  scores  is in the intense  dramatic  face offs, the characters he  creates.

In tribute to Tony Scott, whose  unfortunate suicide  has  robbed Hollywood of one really good entertainer, I am starting a  Blogathon in tribute to a director, whose movies have been part of  my growing  up memory.  Yes I am one of  those  who  grew up on Top Gun,  Crimson Tide, Enemy of the State and immensely enjoyed  Man on Fire, Taking of Pelham 1,2,3  later on.  I must say like his brother  Ridley though, Tony  has an eye for some eye popping cinematography, be it the  aerial  dog fights  in Top Gun, the  dim lit submarine shots in Crimson Tide, the panoramic shots of the runaway train zooming across the countryside in Unstoppable,  the funky camera shots in True Romance.

The site has succesfully conducted two blogathons one on Michael Mann  and  another here on Ridley Scott.  You can contribute to the blogathon, either  by  sending your  contributions or  a link to your  contributions on Tony Scott or Tony Scott movies to

You could also promote the blogathon at your site, all you need to do is post one of the pics given below, with a link to the blogathon.

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