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A tribute to Walt Disney

December 5, 2011

On the occasion of his birth anniversary, a tribute to one person whom I always admired, a role model to me, the man who made kids all over the world happy, Walter Elias Disney, aka  Walt Disney.  This is a 2 part series on him I had written some time back in 2010.

It was all Started by a Mouse

Hermosa is  a  pretty  much  non  descript  area  tucked  away  in the  North  Eastern  side  of   Chicago.  There  is  the  Consul  General  of  Honduras  here,  but  the  most  important   building  of  note  is  located  at 2156  N,  Tripp  Avenue.  No  it’s  not  one  of  those  gigantic  skyscrapers   that  dot  the  Chicago  skyline ,  nor  one  of  those  Gothic  buildings  of  the  past,  in  fact  on the  outside  looks  pretty  much like any  other  suburban  American  home.   Except  that  in  this  very  house,  at  the  turn  of  the  century  in  1901,  was  born  a  certain  Walter  Elias  Disneyaka  Walt  Disney  aka  Uncle  Walt.   Forget  about  Disney Land,  forget  about  Mickey  Mouse,  Snow  White,  Fantasia.   And  for  a moment   lets  just  keep  aside  his  hard core  right  wing  politics.

Disney’s Folly that made History

Precisely 70 years later in 1937, another kind of Folly, hit the theaters. Walt Disney, after being successful with a talking mouse, a hot tempered duck, a goofy dog and a whole host of characters, set his sights higher. There is a difference between a merely great director and a pioneer. The former creates great cinema, win’s awards, the latter creates great cinema, wins awards and makes history. To call Walt Disney as a great movie maker, is to understate the obvious, he was a man, who created history, a pioneer. He was the one who cut the bushes, laid the trail, created the road to the top of the mountain, others followed him. Today you have Pixar and Dreamworks, comming out with some stunning animation features.


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