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Michael Mann Blogathon- Day 1

February 7, 2011
by  A.Joseph
It all begins with pictures. Pictures being made and pictures being shown. “Do you see?” indeed. The “Tooth Fairy” has parked his boogie van, complete with moonroof (“Have you ever seen blood in the moonlight, Will? It appears quite black.”) outside of the suburban home of the family he is moments from slaughtering, but not without waking them with a floodlight and camera, blinding them while making his visions of their deaths permanent. Seeing such awful pictures made, we are then not out of line in assuming that the pictures being shown, by Jack Crawford (Dennis Farina) to Will Graham (William Petersen), will be the standard grisly crime scene photos. This is only reinforced by the pale, corpse-like knee of knotted deadwood that Crawford slowly eases the pictures across before taunting Graham a little with details. “If you can’t look anymore, I understand.” The photos turn out to not be gore at all, but rather of the family, happy, alive and together.
by Trevor Hogg
For a city that gave birth to the legend of Al Capone, it is not surprising to discover that Chicago is the hometown of a movie director who is known for his visceral depictions of criminals and law enforcement officers – Michael Mann.

While studying English at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Mann experienced an epiphany upon seeing Stanley Kubrick’s nuclear war satire Dr. Strangelove. In a recent L.A. Times interview Mann stated: “It said to my whole generation of filmmakers that you could make an individual statement of integrity and have that film be successfully seen by a mass audience all at the same time.”
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