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The Michael Mann Blogathon(Feb 7-Feb 14)

January 13, 2011

After the good response to the Ridley Scott Blogathon, organized on this blog during Sept-Oct 2010, time has come to host the 2nd Blogathon on my blog.

This time the movie maker is some one who like Ridley Scott, has a name for being a visual genius, and quite often like Scott has been criticized for “style over substance”. Now while his movies have often ranged from outstanding to disappointing to plain mediocre, one thing is for sure whenever you see his movies, you take home the brilliant visuals that are a trademark of his movies.  Yes the topic of the Blogathon is Michael Mann,director of  Heat, The Insider,Public Enemies, Ali,Collateral and Manhunter. 

From  Feb 7-14, this blogathon would seek to explore not just his more renowned works like Heat and Insider, but his lesser known ones too like Manhunter.

You can do your bit for the blogathon, either by sending a piece to or  providing a link to any post of yours on Michael Mann, or  by just using the pictures here as promos on your Blog.

Looking forward to your contributions in any manner. 

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