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Ridley Scott Blog A Thon- Sept 20-24,2010: A Reminder

September 15, 2010
Who is the  real Ridley  Scott?  Is  he  the  auteur  who  made  classics  like  Blade Runner, Thelma and Louise and Alien?  Or a  mere  visual  hack,  who  came up  with glossy  cop dramas  like  Someone to Watch over Me and  Black Rain?  Or a  studio hand, who  comes up  with  stuff like  Gladiator  which is  a more  gory  version of  Spartacus?
Problem  with  Ridley  Scott,  is  his  inconsistency  that can often be frustrating.  It  is  frustrating  to  watch  A Good  Year or  G.I.Jane,  and  then you  see  a Blade Runner,  it  is  in another league. His  Legend  was an excellent  attempt  at  fantasy,  but  never  got  the due it  deserved,  nor  his more  under rated The Duellists, an  excellent  period  piece.   What is for sure,  is  this  guy is a master of  visuals. Be it  the dystopian  futuristic city in Blade Runner,  the  graphics of  ancient  Rome in Gladiator, the stunning  battle  visuals  in  Black  Hawk  Down,  or  the claustrophobic  interiors of the space ship in  Alien,  his camera work is  just  awesome.
As  i  had  earlier  noted, the  Ridley  Scott  Blog A Thon  will be  starting  from  Sept 20-24  onwards.   I have already  received some entries  for  this,  and  am hoping to see more.  
You can still promote the Blog A Thon with the following  images.
Interested persons  can send  in their  entries  to  Or  if  you  are  have  already  written  about  any  Scott  movie  on  your  blog,  feel  free to  send  me the link.
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