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The Chronices of Narnia:Prince Caspian

May 20, 2008

Welcome to the world of fantasy, the world of Narnia again in The Chronices of Narnia:Prince Caspian. The second in the Narnia series, based on the books written by C.S.Lewis, this takes off from where the first one had left. The movie begins with the wicked Telmarine ruler Miraz(Sergio Castellito), on learning of the birth of his son, conspiring to kill Prince Caspian(Ben Barnes), his nephew and the rightful heir to the throne. The Prince is however rescued by his mentor, Dr. Cornelius, a wizened old professor, and runs away to the forest where he is pursued by the King’s soldiers. In the woods he stumbles across two dwarves Trumpkin(Peter Dinklage) and Nikabrik(Warwick Davis), and a talking badger Trufflehunter. In the scuffle Trumpkin is captured by the Telmarine soldiers, while terrified by the outcomme, Caspian, blows the magic horn, Dr.Cornelius had given him.

Meanwhile in London,1941, the Pevensie Children, Peter(William Moseley), Susan( Anna Popplewell), Edmund( Skandar Keyes) and Lucy( Georgie Henley), are trying to adjust to life in real world, after their return back from Narnia in the first adventure, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Peter especially is finding it hard to adjust after being the king of Narnia, while a grown up Susan, has to fend off advances from besotted young lads. Edmund has become more mature, after his adventures in Narnia, while Lucy the youngest of them all, remains the most open minded. The sounding of the magic horn pulls the Pevensies back into Narnia again, as they are waiting for their train in the subway. Where the wardrobe was the means by which they were transported into Narnia in the first adventure, here it is the subway.

In the meanwhile, Nikabrik wants to kill Caspian, as he is a Telmarine. The Telmarines led by Miraz, had ruthlessley executed most of the Narnians, with the result that many of them have gone into hiding in the deep woods. Trufflehunter however feels that having blown the magic horn, Caspian is the one who could lead them to their freedom. Caspian meets the Narnians at the Dancing Lawn, and is surprised, as he led to believe that they have become extinct. A swashbuckling mouse called Reepicheep offers his services along with his friends. Though the Narnians are sceptical about a Telmarine leading them, Caspian manages to convince them, that if they help him in regaining the throne, he would bring about peace and stop persecuting the Narnians.

Trumpkin is taken away to be drowned by the Telmarines, but is saved by the Pevensies. After proving to Trumpkin that they indeed are the Kings and Queens of Old, they set out to find the other Narnians. They encounter Prince Caspian, and are taken to Aslan’s How a huge underground hall, where most of the Narnians are hiding in exile. Will Prince Caspian and the Pevensies be able to defeat King Miraz and his huge army? Do the Pevensies again go back to their real world? Will Aslan, the wise talking lion, come to their rescue like he did in the first edition?

Well do watch the movie to find out, which includes among other things a pair of double crossing nobles Lord Glozelle(Pierfrancesco Favino) and Lord Sopespian( Damian Alcazar). As also a subtle romantic track between Prince Caspian and Susan. And yes both Aslan, the Lion( voice of Liam Neeson) and the White Witch( Tilda Swinton) making appearances. In comparison with first edition, which was more like a kid’s fairy tale, the second one is a bit darker in content, and more adult. The opening sequence where the King orders Prince Caspian to be executed and his escape from the castle, is brilliantly shot in a creepy dark tone. Also the King’s castle has a dark, foreboding atmosphere around it, which lends an eerie tone. Another pretty much dark scene is when a were wolf and hag along with the dwarf Nikabrik, force Prince Caspian to offer his blood to the White Witch, in order to set her free, by cutting at his hand. Even the underground hideout has a distinctive Gothic style atmosphere to it. You could still watch this movie with your kids, but be warned some of these scenes could be a bit scary.

However director Andrew Adamson, counterbalances this gloominess, with some wonderful characters, the most memorable one being Repicheep, a sword wielding, swashbuckling mouse, who keeps thrusting his rapiers into the enemy’s feet. Part Puss in Boots, part Tom and Jerry, Repicheep and his army of fighting mice, could create the most memorable kids character in recent times. If your kids do love this movie, it would be in large measure to the character of Repicheep. Another interesting character in the movie is the cynical dwarf Trumpklin, who aids the Pevensies and Prince Caspian in the battle. Also making up the ensemble of characters are a family of Centaurs and a Minotaur soldier. The Pevensie kids are also more rounded and more defined in their characters here.

The biggest letdown however has to be Prince Caspian. For a swashbuckling prince seems to be more dependent on the Pevensies and the Narnian’s, to secure his throne, and somehow does not seem very exciting at all. Nor does Ben Barnes listless performance help. The actors playing the Pevensies do their roles well, but the best is Georgie Henley as the cute Lucy. Sergio Castellito is menancing enough as the wicked king, though nowhere close to Tilda Swinton as the Witch.

The attack on the King’s castle and the final battle scene are brilliiantly shot, and worth the price of the ticket. As also some of the special effects, especially the scene where the River God rises to drown out the Telmarines, in a scene reminiscient of the sea closing over the Pharaoh’s troops in the Ten Commandments. The music score, and the cinematography are first rate, expected in a Hollywood movie. So inspite of some darker moments , i would still recommend this movie to be seen, even by the family. If you are looking for a fantasy filled entertainment, this is really worth a watch. Only thing do not compare it with Harry Potter or Lord of Rings, because this is distinctly different. But i think this should be a succesful movie franchise soon enough.

  1. I watched the movie and read the book as well… as in all cases the book fares better… Caspian appears young and Brave in the movie… but there lacks some maturity which needs to be present in a prince's face…

  2. I have read the book but didn't got a chance to watch this movie. The story was very interesting and hope will movie will be as good as the book appears to me. After reading your review I am excited about this movie and will try to arrange this movie to watch it tonight. Thanks for sharing this interesting review. Watch The Chronicles of Narnia:Prince Caspian Online

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