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Sequels that Worked

August 16, 2007
Considering that Hollywood often goofs up on it’s sequels big time, I had a tough time, to find out movies which were better than or at least as good as the first one. And this year it has been spectacularly bad, with all sequels, threequels, tonking. So here are my list of movies where the second installement actually worked.

1) The Godfather II– Its tough to do a follow up act to a movie that re defined the gangster genre, but the Godfather did it, becomming the only sequel to win the Oscar to date. The movie works as both a prequel and sequel. The movie keeps switching between the present and the past, showing us the history of Don Vito Corleone from his arrival to the US as a peniless immigrant and his hard way up. The climax scene where Michael sits alone, pondering how he in fact has become a totally cold hearted monster, which he never wanted to be in the first place, is excellent.

2) Aliens- Ridley Scott scared the hell out of audiences in 1979 with Alien. James Cameron bettered it Aliens in 1986. There is a difference in both the movies, Alien was slow, scary and tense. Though many critics, have lauded Aliens as one of the most scary movies, i beg to differ.It was more of an adrenaline rush, a kind of Indiana Jones meets Jurassic Park in Outer Space. Alien gave you time to pause and think, Aliens does not. Its a total actioner right from the word go. Alien had the boo factor, with the unknown invisible alien, lurking right around the corner. On the other hand, audiences were less likely to get scared, with aliens jumping out from every where. Yes the scene, where Bishop is amputated by the Queen mother, is totally shocking.

3) Terminator 2: Judgement Day: This again has to be one of the best sequels, in fact would rate it even better than it’s predecessor Terminator. Apart from it’s out of the world special effects, it was the razor sharp screenplay, and the pacing, that makes it a favorite for me. The sequences of Terminator morphing, the rogue Terminator changing shape, the final cliamctic battle. And there is no let up at all in the dark, sombre mood of the movie. Having directed 3 wonderful sci fi classic, Terminator 2, The Abyss and Aliens, it beats me why James Cameron, choose to go the Bollywood route with True Lies and Titanic.

4) Die Hard 2: But for the ridiculuous, Bollywood style climax, where Bruce Willis, blows up an airliner, by lighting the leaking fuel, the rest of the movie was pretty good. The sequences where the terrorists jam the entire airport network, and force a plane to crash land, was superbly filmed. Though an extension of first movie, the sequel was pretty interesting for me, and gripping till the end.

5) The Good, The Bad and the Ugly: I would not exactly call this a sequel. It was in fact the 3rd installment of the Dollars trilogy, following A Fistful of Dollars and For a Few Dollars More, but as a movie, it was a classic from the word go. Be it the mind blowing background music, the Mexican shootout at the graveyard, the wide screen panorama and Eli Wallach’s memorable performance, this movie is one of the greatest westerns to be ever made. It was a movie that turned the Western on it’s head, away from the noble sheriff- savage Indians- bad gunmen stereotypes to a genre where none of the characters were black or white.

Anyway do keep watching this space for more and more update

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  1. Good list. All great choices.My list has a few more entries:1. Before Sunset:This is the sequel to Before Sunrise. My favourite movie-sequel combo of all time.2. Spider-Man 2: Doc Ock made all the difference. Alfred Molina was in top form.3. X-Men 2: I found this to be a better movie than the first one. The same is the case with Spidey 2 as well.

  2. nice list! i also agree with ur first commentor, before sunset has got to be one of the better sequels around!/p

  3. Before Sunset-Before Sunrise, has to be one of the best series i have ever seen, and should be ranked right up there with the Godfather series and Dollars trilogy.

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