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Clint Eastwood-80’s

April 7, 2007
Clint followed up with a sequel to the immensely successful comedy Every Which Way But Loose , with Any Which Way You Can in 1980. Clint Eastwood, again directed Bronco Billy in the same year, where he played the title character, where he plays a cowboy running Wild West Show.

In 1982, Clint Eastwood produced and directed Firefox , based on a novel by Craig Thomas. Released during the peak of the Cold War, he plays Vietnam vet, who hijacks a highly sophisticated Russian fighter craft. The movie was however critically panned.

The 4th movie in the Dirty Harry series Sudden Impact , directed by Eastwood himself, was a huge success, and popularized the quote “Go Ahead Make my Day”. He also directed Pale Rider in 1985, which was again adapted from another classic Shane. Eastwood’s next movie as a director, Heartbreak Ridge in 1986, centered around the US invasion of Granada.

His next movie as a director in 1988, was Bird a biopic about jazz saxophone player Charlie Parker. Forest Whitaker, played the title role and got a Golden Globe nomination, as well as Best Actor at Cannes. He also acted in off beat roles in movies like Pink Caddilac and the Rookie. The 1990 movie White Hunter, Black Heart was a loose biopic of Hollywood actor director John Huston and was critically acclaimed too.
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